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Raymond Lewis: L.A. Legend Review

A review of the Ryan Polomski documentary featuring the story of Basketball star Raymond Lewis.

Raymond Lewis: L.A. Legend (2022)

4.5 / 5
5 / 5

I was able to review the film “Raymond Lewis: L.A. Legend” by producer and director Ryan Polomski. I have to say that I was very much enthralled by the documentary and seeing a historic figure’s rise and fall encapsulated in one segment of film was nothing short of amazing. 

It revolves around the courageous and incredible story of Basketball player Raymond Lewis that chronicles his time on the court and his ultimate downfall.

Producer and director Polomski has crafted a whirlwind of a documentary that demands to be seen by the mainstream consciousness. Its gravitas and easy-going nature contribute to the film’s mesmerizing execution. 

While many documentaries might gloss over facts and details to make their subject look more stoic and heroic, this documentary does not mind sharing the gritty and harsh reality that Lewis had to struggle with. The work doesn’t try too hard either and makes for interesting viewing, almost like watching it on A&E or Netflix, where it belongs for the maximum amount of exposure. 

It’s just sad to see that Raymond Lewis’ life did not get the credit that it deserved when he was alive and well, playing basketball. 

The film is currently playing on TUBI, Roku and VUDU.