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We empathize and identify with the protagonist in a story.
So what happens when we watch a person of color star?

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Love for Incluvie


Incluvie matters to me because it provides a platform to address issues of racism in Hollywood. Through Incluvie, we get the chance to show support for movies that promote diversity positively and the ability to voice our opinion against racism in the film industry.
- Dennis Wu 

Seeing is believing. If our kids don't see people like them in lead roles, directing, or composing, then they will grow up believing these things are not for them. Art is for everyone. Incluvie can help!
- Colin Robertson 

Incluvie generates awareness for many wonderful films that have a diverse cast, some of which I didn't even know about! I have certainty that this project will continue to grow and will become a major player in the film industry. Fight on, Incluvie!
- John Rocamora 

Incluvie focuses on a major issue in our society, which is racism. Incluvie will definitely help the world realize the current picture of diversity in the movie industry.
- Hiren Shah