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"a place to feel, seen, heard,
and understood through film"


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Read reviews, lists, and articles by incredible movie critics, focusing on diversity, identity, and representation.



See the Incluvie score! The incluvie score reflects diversity and representation for cluvies, or underrepresented group in film.



Find any movie in our Incluvie database! See the main cast, genre, and info, plus the incluvie score and movie score!

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Most of the film content in Hollywood consists of one demographic, and our goal is to even the playing field. We believe more films should have diverse main characters, from race and ethnicity, to gender, to orientation. Introducing more minorities to the screen spreads love, humanity, and visibility.

Support Incluvie Foundation, Inc, our 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Join us on our mission to inclusion and help be the change the film industry so desperately needs.



What is Incluvie?

Incluvie shows you the incluvie score for a movie, and lets you find movie reviews, lists, and articles about diversity, identity, and representation in film!

What about TV shows?

You can soon search for TV shows too! We provide updates in our newsletter and social media.

What does the Incluvie score mean?

The Incluvie score shows how users think a film represents cluvies, as defined. This broadly covers underrepresented groups in Hollywood film such as people of color, women, and lgbtq. The scores and ratings will soon allow more specificity between the types.

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Love For Incluvie

The beauty of Incluvie is that it can spread inclusion in all realms, highlighting people of all cultures, identities, and abilities.

Dennis Wu

Incluvie matters to me because it provides a platform to address issues of racism in Hollywood. Through Incluvie, we get the chance to show support for movies that promote diversity positively and the ability to voice our opinion against racism in the film industry.

Colin Robertson

Seeing is believing. If our kids don't see people like them in lead roles, directing, or composing, then they will grow up believing these things are not for them. Art is for everyone. Incluvie can help!

John Rocamora

Incluvie generates awareness for many wonderful films that have a diverse cast, some of which I didn't even know about! I have certainty that this project will continue to grow and will become a major player in the film industry. Fight on, Incluvie!

Hiren Shaw

Incluvie focuses on a major issue in our society, which is racism. Incluvie will definitely help the world realize the current picture of diversity in the movie industry.

Semoy Booker

As Incluvie writers, we have the power to represent the underrepresented. It is with our words that bring minority directors, actors, and films into the light and out of the darkness. It is the power of good inclusion that is Incluvie's greatest strength.

MG Scott

Incluvie has truly revolutionized the way I discover and evaluate movies. As someone who values diverse representation and inclusive storytelling, this platform has become my go-to resource for insightful and comprehensive movie reviews.

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