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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Incluvie?

Incluvie shows you the incluvie score for a movie, and lets you find movie reviews, lists, and articles about diversity, identity, and representation in film!

What is "cluvie"?

For us, cluvie is a different way of saying "underrepresented group in films". We wanted a word that's short and sweet when talking about diversity and representation in movies :)

Underrepresented in this context means compared to the US demographic. For example, 31% of lead characters in Hollywood films are women, but 51% of the US population are women - so women are considered underrepresented in Hollywood until 51% of lead characters are women. Check back soon for the data page! (Please bear with us - we are currently in beta!)

What does beta mean?

Incluvie is in beta mode right now. That means the site isn’t perfect, and is a work in progress. Our team is working hard to clarify and improve it. We’ve decided to make the beta accessible to the public in the meantime, so you can have early access to the scores, ratings, and reviews, as well as the capabilities and literature. Any help, connections, or funding is welcome. We send out updates on new features, fun events, etc, in our newsletter.

What does the Incluvie score mean?

The Incluvie score shows how users think a film represents cluvies, as defined. This broadly covers underrepresented groups in Hollywood film such as people of color, women, and lgbtq. The scores and ratings will soon allow more specificity between the types.

The Incluvie score ranges from 0 to 5 stars, with half stars.

The main character is a cluvie!

Pretty legit for representation.

Decently woke.

Awkward, but well-intended inclusion.

I saw a glimpse of a minority - in a good way!

Neutral, no cluvies at all.

I saw a glimpse of a minority - in a bad way...

Careless toward cluvies.

Patronizing toward cluvies.

Legit hateful towards cluvies.

Sharing reviews on the site and platform helps a lot! There will always be trolls, so hopefully more people will use the site with good intentions. “Yeah well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.” - The Dude, The Big Lebowski (1998). Curiosity, discussion, and humbleness are ok and encouraged!

Aren’t we supposed to bring people together? Why are we reminding people about race (and gender)?

Excellent question! We get this one sometimes – and it’s definitely valid. Yes, we want to bring people together. That’s the goal!

We want to emphasize there’s a key difference between the concepts of racial versus racist. Racial means talking about race - just like talking about whether someone is a skier or snowboarder - it's pretty neutral. Racist on the hand - the word has a lot of baggage - means being harmful about it.

Silly example, but it’s like if there were a word called birthmarkist – being awful to someone whether they have a birthmark or not. Birthmarks and talking about birthmarks in general are perfectly ok.

What if a movie isn’t great for cluvies, but is otherwise a great film overall?

The film has two separate scores - an incluvie score and a general movie score.

What if a movie is awesome for cluvies, but is otherwise a bad movie overall?

The film has two separate scores - an incluvie score and a general movie score.

Why do some movies, such as 'The Joy Luck Club' and 'Coming to America', have high Incluvie scores if there’s no diversity within the movies?

The incluvie score looks at diversity compared to the landscape of all Hollywood movies, ie representation. The Joy Luck Club (1993) has a high Incluvie score because it’s so rare to see such leads centered in any Hollywood movie. Similarly with Black Panther, Crazy Rich Asians, and Roma. See above for cluvies.

What movies can I search for?

You can search for any movie. The database has every major movie, and many independent films too!

What about TV shows?

You can soon search for TV shows too! We provide updates in our newsletter and social media.

Where can I learn more?

You can find more on our About page.

How can I support or help out?

We are energized by kind supporters! Happy to have influencers and allies collaborate or donate. We also have a neat Patreon page for cool perks for contributing.

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