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'Phantom Pups' - A Series for Dog Lovers

This Netflix original series is for animal lovers and fans of light horror series.

Phantom Pups is a 2022 Netflix original series that is centered around three adorable puppies who were tricked into becoming ghost dogs. Three puppies were turned into ghost dogs by an evil dark spirit. This happens in the pilot episode, “Meet the Phantom Pups.” The invisible spirits are represented by their black-and-white souls of themselves with only their heads and upper halves being seen. This transformation takes place 30 years ago in a haunted house on Halloween night. 30 years later, a new family moves into their haunted house. This series has only one season with ten episodes total.

Kids meet Phantom Pups

This series combines reality and fantasy elements; the pilot episode shows viewers what the three dogs looked like before they were turned into ghosts. The transformation symbolizes losing oneself, as indicated by the loss of color. The evil dark spirit is indicated by the black smoky cloud in the shape of a dog’s head.

The second episode “Home Alone” continues from the pilot episode. A flashback scene at the beginning of this episode shows viewers a recap of what happened the night the three puppies were turned into ghosts. The girl’s grandmother slowly became captured by the dark spirit and left behind the key. The key is an important first clue and leads to a mystery.

As revealed in “Home Alone”, the haunted house serves as a prison for the Phantom Pups. This is shown by a green barrier acting as a force field for ghosts. The phantom pups are doomed for eternity until someone can free them and change them back.

The subplot is about a group of kids who settle into a new house. They have to get used to a new school. All of this changes when they meet the phantom pups.

The fourth episode in the series reveals a magical potion the kids find that turns the phantom pups back into real dogs, but what the kids don’t know is that the potion only works for twenty-four hours before the full moon. After that, the pups turn back into ghosts.

Phantom Pups is a great series for animal lovers and fans of light horror shows.