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I Want to Spend 'Christmas With You'

A pop star at Radio City Music Hall gets the opportunity to change herself to save her music career.

Christmas with You (2022)

3.5 / 5
3.5 / 5

Christmas With You (2022) is about Angelina, a famous pop star, who works at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, and is experiencing career burnout. The main character’s career as a singer symbolizes the struggles and difficulties of maintaining a music career. An opportunity to revitalize her career happens when she learns to meet new people in town.

The video Angelina finds on her Instagram page symbolizes the inspiration for creating a Christmas song. There are many Christmas songs that are heard over and over again; she wants her music to be different from anything else. The Instagram video is about a girl, who sings a Christmas-themed song about being with the people she cares about, regardless of where they are in the world. The song is sung in a slow, gentle tempo in the key of E flat major. Angelina herself writes the song.

The scenes in Christmas With You alternate between a fan of Angelina and herself. The two eventually meet at the fan’s school, where Angelina is stuck in one place due to the falling snow and the icy roads. The young fan’s Christmas wish to meet the pop star herself is an event that rarely happens in real life because there are so many pop singers and famous musicians who are busy with their careers that they don’t have time to chat with their fans personally.

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The fan’s father, who works as a music teacher at his daughter’s school, is also struggling with writer’s block, something Angelina can relate to. Though the pop singer and the music teacher have their personal differences, Angelina believes in compromising, as long as the music teacher is willing to do his part. Ironically, the two fall in love despite knowing each other for only one day.

The movie’s title, Christmas With You, foreshadows the choice of either spending time with loved ones or focusing on one’s career. The storyline is focused on the pop singer, reflecting on balancing one’s time meeting new people and working on his or her career.

From looking at this Christmas movie, viewers get a glimpse of what really happens in a singer’s career. After a successful Christmas performance, Angelina informs the music teacher that the only reason why she was friendly to him is that, she needed to work on her new song. This is a heartbreaking moment, as it symbolizes the fake bonding between two people, something that goes against what the holiday stands for.