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'Monster High: The Movie' (2022)

This Halloween movie is based on the toy line of the same name.

Monster High: The Movie (2022)

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Monster High: The Movie is a 2022 live-action horror-comedy musical movie based on the doll line of the same name.

Clawdeen Wolf, played by Miia Harris, is a biracial freshman girl who is half-human, and half-werewolf and is the main character, giving a strong representation of Biracial women. Her main conflict is hiding her human side, which symbolizes her true personality and emotions, while attending Monster High. The half-human, half-werewolf hybrid character represents someone who is of the supernatural while staying human, which appears in many horror and fantasy films.

As stated in the film’s title, Monster High, the high school is a school for monsters and other supernatural creatures. The school enforces the rule that all of the students are to be actual monsters and not humans. This is foreshadowed by the legend of Eddy, a former student of Monster High who was expelled from the school when he was discovered as half-monster, half-human. Clawdeen Wolf becomes worried that she will face the same fate.

All of the supporting characters are named after iconic monsters and other supernatural creatures. Frankie Stein is named after Frankenstein, and Draculaura is named after Dracula. Interestingly, Frankie is a non-binary character who is given a major role in the movie.

Clawdeen struggles to stay true to herself as she has a romantic interest in Deuce, who is her main love interest. As she is half-werewolf and half-human, she grapples with the conformity of Monster High, and her emotions begin to surface. She eventually gains self-confidence in accepting herself for who she is throughout the film.

Her professor, Mr. Komos, is a hidden antagonist who wants to destroy Monster High. He disguises himself as a professor, and his true intentions of destroying Monster High are revealed later in the film. The formula he drinks turns him into an actual monster.

The conclusion shows how Clawdeen has transformed, both physically and figuratively, as she has become a real human being. The students celebrate her saving Monster High, but viewers are told that this is just the beginning.