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'iCarly' Reboot (2021 TV Series)

A reboot series based on the popular original Nick teen sitcom of the same name.

The iCarly reboot series is a 2021 TV series that is based on the 2007 series of the same name. This article will discuss elements of the reboot series.

Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, and Jerry Trainor reprise their main roles from the original series of the same name. Jenette McCurdy, who played Sam, does not appear in the reboot series as she has retired from acting. Laci Mosley is a Black actress who plays Harper, Carly’s new best friend and roommate. Jaidyn Triplett is a Black actress playing the supporting role of Millicent.

Viewers last left off from the original series finale titled “Goodbye”, when Carly had moved to Italy with her dad. Years later, she returned to the United States to study communications and media. Harper gave her the idea to restart her web show, as shown in the pilot episode “iStart Over”.

The reboot series has become successful because it reflects on the future with the presence of social media while reusing running gags from the original iCarly series. Viewers who grew up with iCarly recognize old characters who make special guest appearances. Some of the actors from the original iCarly series, however, do not make appearances.

The original series and the reboot series are connected to each other, as viewers see how Carly, Freddie, and Spencer have changed over the years. Viewers see how Carly and Freddie have matured into adults in the reboot. Other guest characters have also become adults. This symbolizes the reality and problems of adulthood and the simpler times of adolescence.

Sadly, after three successful seasons, the iCarly reboot was cancelled. The last episode to appear is “iHave a Proposal”, where viewers hear about and see Carly’s mom for the first time in the series. The last episode and the iCarly reboot series ends on a cliffhanger, as viewers do not see what happens after Carly’s mom makes her off-screen appearance among the crowd. This is because Carly’s mom is a long-absent character who is neither shown nor mentioned in the original iCarly series.

It is disappointing for many viewers to hear that the iCarly reboot has been cancelled. There is a strong representation of Black women in the reboot series. Had the show continued, viewers will learn what happened to Carly’s mom and whether they will see her on screen.

Therefore, we will remember the fun moments of the iCarly reboot series.