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'Under Wraps 2': The 2022 Spooky Sequel

The sequel to the 2021 remake of the same name continues from where we last left off in this spooky adventure.

Under Wraps 2 (2022)

4.5 / 5
4 / 5

The sequel to the 2021 remake of the same name continues from where we last left off in this spooky adventure.

Under Wraps 2 is the sequel to the 2021 remake of the same name. The plot starts off when Marshall, Gilbert, and Amy left off on their last adventure with the mummy. Compared to the 2021 remake, this movie is a spooktacular sequel in terms of originality and creative storyline, whereas the 2021 remake is simply a remake with a more diverse cast.

The movie starts off with a recap of the events from the previous film. Marshall introduces the viewers to the events that took place exactly one year ago, setting the story to the sequel. After the recap, the title Under Wraps 2 appears. This indicates to the viewers that Marshall, Gilbert, and Amy’s adventure continues from the conclusion of the first movie.

The opening scene starts with the kids in a corn maze. They have flashlights, and Gilbert has a video camera. There is no light, setting the mood for the opening. The kids are chased by what seems like real monsters. When the kids are cornered and about to be attacked, the lights turn on, with the announcement that the haunted corn maze attraction is now closed. The “monsters” are really adults wearing costumes. This is a reference to the Scooby Doo franchise, with several elements related to the animated series such as the chase scene and the fake monsters who are really people in disguises.

Marshall, Gilbert, and Amy in the corn maze

The actors who play Marshall, Gilbert, Amy, Rose, and Harold the mummy reprise their roles, as well as other actors who reprise their supporting roles. In addition, the plot is mainly focused on a spooktacular Halloween-themed wedding Amy’s father is planning for his fiance, Carl, featuring LGBTQ+ representation.

We see how Gilbert has changed in this sequel since the events of the first movie. Gilbert recalls to Marshall and Amy about how he was scared of the horror movie in the theater, referencing the opening scene of the 2021 remake. This is shown through the videos Gilbert has recorded on his phone.

What makes this sequel fascinating to viewers is the continuous storyline and the added special spooky effects to enhance the storyline, such as lightning and horror-themed music. There are also humorous moments such as the dancing scene where Harold and Rose compete against each other in a dance-off.

Overall, Under Wraps 2 is an amazing sequel that is continuous from the 2021 remake of the same name, bringing viewers more joys of Halloween.