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Let's Rock 'That Girl Lay Lay'

This Nickelodeon live-action TV series features strong Black representation.

That Girl Lay Lay is a live-action Nickelodeon sitcom that features a strong representation of Black women. This comedy is about a young celebrity who hides her identity and befriends an average high school teenager who longs for a friend.

That Girl Lay Lay (Alaya High) stars as herself, shortened to Lay Lay, and she is of African descent. Co-star Sadie is played by Gabrielle Neveah Green. Trish, Bryce, and Marky are supporting roles played by Black actors.

As hinted in the series title, That Girl Lay Lay, the title character is a young celebrity who plays herself alongside Sadie, an ordinary teenager who is struggling in a high school environment. Sadie and Lay Lay unexpectedly become best friends; they navigate the perils of high school together. Lay Lay teaches Sadie to stand out at her high school and become more confident in herself. Though Lay Lay becomes a fish out of the water, Sadie is happy that she finally has a friend around the same age.

The main conflict of this live-action TV series is Sadie trying to hide Lay Lay’s true identity. In the pilot episode, Sadie is surprised when Lay Lay is brought to life. In order for Lay Lay to blend in with the surroundings at her school, she disguises Lay Lay as an exchange student from Houston. Over time, Lay Lay’s identity is kept a secret, though some students become suspicious. Sadie fears that if people found out Lay Lay is a celebrity, they will flip. Season 1 ends on a cliffhanger that continues into Season 2.

That Girl Lay Lay has been nominated as the favorite live-action TV show on Nickelodeon and is a great example of authentic representation for a diverse group of people.