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'LEGO Disney Princess: The Castle Quest'

This movie is based on the LEGO Disney Princess building set.

LEGO Disney Princess: The Castle Quest (2023)

4.5 / 5
4 / 5

LEGO Disney Princess: The Castle Quest is a Disney+ original movie that is centered around Disney Princess characters. Moana, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Snow White are the heroines of the film and appear in their LEGO forms. Gaston is the main antagonist who has King Triton captured.

Tiana and Moana are princesses of color. Tiana is African American; Moana is a Pacific Islander. The princesses are voiced by their original actors in their respective movies. As described in the film’s title, the quest takes place inside the castle. Gaston holds all of the stolen loot and has taken over the castle. He controls all of the other places. If Gaston frees the trident, he will have the ultimate power.


The princesses split into two teams, each having a different puzzle. One team is sent to the ocean; the other team is sent to a dark forest. This quest is a puzzle quest, with each princess having to solve a different puzzle to complete the quest. There are a lot of noticeable references to the Disney Princess movies in this LEGO film.

This film is the second film featuring the princesses together, the first is Ralph Breaks the Internet. The final challenge is a maze inside a forest with sharp thickets. This serves as the climax; each princess must overcome her inner struggles and insecurities. As they do so, the thickets disappear one by one. Gaston is left trapped inside the dark thickets when the door seals shut.

This movie is recommended for fans of the Disney Princess lineup.