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Lindsay Lohan's Comeback in 'Falling for Christmas'

Lindsay Lohan makes a big film comeback in this amazing holiday comedy of the year.

Falling for Christmas (2022)

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Lindsay Lohan makes a big film comeback in this amazing holiday comedy of the year.

Lindsay Lohan makes a big film comeback in Falling For Christmas, a 2022 Netflix holiday comedy movie that is centered around Ms. Sierra Belmont, a newly engaged and spoiled hotel heiress who finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter after getting total amnesia in a skiing accident. Many people who know Lindsay Lohan remember her as a former child star and teen idol, playing starring roles in Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, and The Parent Trap. Now that she’s an adult, this holiday comedy marks her return to the big screen after over a decade. Lindsay’s acting style, voice, and stunning good looks land her in the spotlight once again.

Lindsay Lohan singing the lyrics to “Jingle Bell Rock” is a noticeable easter egg. Her singing voice to the Jingle Bell Rock song is a reference to Cady Heron who sings the Jingle Bell Rock song in Mean Girls.

Lindsay Lohan cover image
Lindsay Lohan as Sierra Belmont / Sarah

The outfit Sierra Belmont wears in the hotel lobby reflects her status as wealthy, as her father Beauregard Belmont (Jack Wagner) owns the hotel. Her outfit is an off-the-shoulder red strapless dress with lace sleeves, complete with gold hoop earrings and green heels. She dislikes her outfit getting ruined and has a spoiled attitude. Her character transformation from spoiled into sweet is similar to Poppy Moore from Wild Child.

The catalyst in Falling For Christmas is the skiing accident Sierra Belmont experiences at the top of a snow mountain in a danger zone. Tad, Sierra’s boyfriend who soon becomes her fiance, proposes to her at the top of the mountain, but a strong snowstorm blows Sierra away. She suffers a minor concussion and has lost her memory; she doesn’t remember anything prior to the skiing accident. Also, she doesn’t remember who she is. The hospital staff and sheriff find no trace of her identity when she was in the accident.

Until Ms. Belmont discovers her identity, she passes herself off as Sarah. As Sarah, she meets a young girl named Avy (Olivia Perez) whose mother passed away two years ago. Sarah tries to adapt to her surroundings but finds that doing daily chores isn’t easy for her since she’s used to having everything done for her by hotel security and staff. Though she doesn’t remember her identity, she does remember her mother and acts like a motherly figure to Avy. Viewers see a softer side to Sarah’s personality. Her character growth is shown when Sarah learns to do things herself.

Meanwhile, Tad is struggling to survive in the wilderness after losing his true love. It’s getting close to nighttime, a strong storm is approaching, when Tad finds temporary shelter. Ralph, the guy who lives in the small hut, shows Tad basic winter survival skills. Setting plays an important role in this holiday movie, as many events take place in Aspen, Colorado, where the snowy mountains are.

There is a strong representation of women in Falling For Christmas, as Lindsay Lohan and Olivia Perez have major roles. However, many actors presented in the movie are white, with the exception of George Young who is a Chinese actor.

Overall, Falling For Christmas is an epic holiday movie that viewers won’t forget.