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It's 'Christmas In the Heartland' for Two Girls

This Christmas movie gives viewers a friendship that unexpectedly forms from a plane trip.

Christmas in the Heartland (2017)

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This Christmas movie gives viewers a friendship that unexpectedly forms from a plane trip.

Christmas in the Heartland is a 2017 holiday movie that gives viewers the message of the true meaning of friendship. The plot centers around two teenage girls. Though the girls are completely different from each other, they discover they have much more in common than they realize. This article will discuss the elements of this movie.

The two girls–Kara and Jesse–discuss on the plane trip what it would be like if they switched places for a week. This conversation serves as the catalyst for the storyline, giving the viewers a glimpse of two characters switching places so they can walk in each other’s shoes. Since Jesse’s grandmother has never met Jesse in person, she doesn’t know that it is really Kara who has switched places with Jesse. Likewise, Kara’s grandparents have never met Kara in person, so it’s easy for Jesse to blend in with the situation. Both girls discover they can live like this as long as they don’t get caught.

this image is of Kara and Jesse
Kara and Jesse

Christmas in the Heartland gives viewers an interesting storyline: what it’s like for one character to view things from another character’s perspective. The scenes switch between Kara and Jesse; the majority of the plot takes place with the two girls being in separate locations. We see that one girl’s grandparents live in a wealthy mansion and the other girl’s grandparents live in a rural farm area with a pickup truck. The two girls communicate by phone calls; their phone calls take place when no one is looking so they won’t get caught.

The scene where the two girls sing “Silent Night” from different locations brings a strong Christmas vibe to this movie. Their singing is a hidden talent Kara and Jesse don’t know about until now. Along with the song, we see Christmas decorations and fruitcakes in both locations.

The family together

The message of Christmas in the Heartland is that you get to know the other person you’ve met if you walk in that person’s shoes for a period of time. Sometimes, the person you’ve met can become your friend, and with trust, you can share your troubles with that friend. Kara and Jesse spend their Christmas together with each other when they meet in person again. Though the two girls spend most time apart, they are still connected.

Another message from Christmas in the Heartland is that family is still family even through the ups and downs of life. From looking at the two families, viewers get a glimpse of the holiday season from both locations. Therefore, this movie is perfect for viewers to learn what it’s like to walk in another person’s shoes. It is also recommended for viewers to experience staying connected while apart.