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The True Confessions of an Invisible Girl

The clever but socially-awkward Tetê joins a new school, and she'll do anything to fit in.

Confessions of an Invisible Girl (2021)

3 / 5
3 / 5

The clever but socially-awkward Tetê joins a new school, and she’ll do anything to fit in.

Confessions of an Invisible Girl is a 2021 film originally released in Brazil that is centered around a “new girl” named Tetê. Like most movies that are centered around young kids and adolescents, this movie is focused on a young girl who is “the new girl at school” in a school setting. This plot is no surprise, as viewers are very aware of what happens normally in a school setting to a young girl.

For one, Tetê is described as a weird outcast due to not fitting in with the norms of society in a school environment. She wears chunky glasses, has bangs, has a strong odor, and has a boring hairstyle. Her wardrobe contains basic clothes such as T-shirts and sneakers. She also has no friends at the start of the movie, making her seem like a loner to the viewers. This character arc of being the “new girl” is very common in movies that take place in a school setting. She has low hopes of making friends and having a new crush.

this image is of Tetê

Like most “new kids”, Tetê faces the “popular girl” Valentina, and her new crush Eric, who turns out to be Valentina’s boyfriend. Valentina is like many stereotypical “popular girls” in a school setting. She has a boyfriend, is mean to “unpopular kids,” especially new kids, and has the best makeup and clothes. Valentina also has blond hair and a best friend who is as cynical and narcissistic as her. They tend to gossip about Tetê, as they see her as an outcast. Valentina’s friend, however, is aware that Valentina is going too far.

Tetê states to the viewers in her voiceovers what it’s like for her to be the “new girl.” The movie Confessions of an Invisible Girl is no different, as the events taking place in a school setting are part of everyday life for most kids and adolescents. This movie is centered around the topic of bullying in schools. Eventually, Tetê does make friends and is elated about it. Over time, Tetê also struggles with being herself, her family, and her friendship troubles. She faces peer pressure at social events.

this image consists of the beach scene
Beach scene

Viewers see Portuguese dialogue at some points of the movie since this movie is released in Brazil. Confessions of an Invisible Girl is categorized as a romantic comedy and a teen drama, as viewers see there are moments of anger, girl drama, and jealousy. Tetê, like most kids and adolescents, seeks help from her family when things go wrong. She has a close bond with her grandmother whom she calls her best friend.

Valentina, the main antagonist, realizes from her peers that she has been taking her problems too far, as her jealousy has gotten the best of her. Tete understands that Valentina is not the “mean girl” she thought she was and is only acting this way to avoid becoming an outcast. But Valentina learns that she has become an outcast due to her harsh treatment. Tetê and Valentina reconcile, hug, and agree to start over. This shows viewers the true meaning of friendship.

Therefore, Confessions of an Invisible Girl is a suitable romantic comedy that viewers would find interesting. This movie has many elements that take place in Brazil, such as the beach scene where Tetê has fun with the guys in the ocean.