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The Ghost (2023)

Two Korean sisters must save their family after a ghost tears the family apart.

The Ghost (2023)

5 / 5
4 / 5

The Ghost is a 2023 short film released on Disney+. It is about two Korean sisters who must save their family after a ghost tears the family apart.

Viewers see a strong representation of Asians, specifically Koreans, as all of the main cast members are of Korean descent. Furthermore, Erica Eng is a woman director of Korean descent.

Clarice often feels invisible when her big sister Naomi is around because Naomi enjoys the privileges that come with being the eldest child in the family. Clarice grows tired of Naomi bossing her around. One night, they get into a big fight during dinner. As the sisters fight, the lights flicker, and then suddenly, the electricity goes out. The music starts soft then gradually gets louder until it ends on a short note. Naomi sees a strange girl in the house, hugging her mother and then disappearing. Windows shatter strangely. Their fight has awakened a ghost who targets the family one by one.

The title, The Ghost, refers to the main antagonist, Elena. Elena is a ghost who is trying to tear the family apart. Clarice gets warped into an alternate reality where she is no longer part of her family. Instead, Elena is the youngest child in the family in the alternate reality. She yells at her parents and pushes them away, then later thinks her parents hate her. Clarice says this is not true.

Clarice and Naomi wake up, realizing this is all a dream. They bring the family back together after learning a valuable lesson about family. The epilogue shows the family playing soccer together.