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Asha's 'Wish' (2023)

Asha, the main character, is a biracial woman who discovers the power of magic wishing dust.

Wish (2023)

5 / 5
4.5 / 5

Wish is a 2023 Disney animated film that brings cosmic forces into our world. This article will discuss elements of the film.

Viewers are presented with a robust portrayal of biracial characters, with Asha, the central character voiced by Ariana DeBose, embodying the essence of a multi-racial woman. The film can be aptly described as follows: Asha makes a wish so potent that it elicits a response from a cosmic force known as Star—a small, radiant orb of boundless energy. Star assumes a pivotal role in “Wish,” as it pays homage to the timeless Disney classic, “Wish Upon A Star.” With its luminous appearance, Star is a brilliant, yellow-glowing star, carrying magical wishing dust that infuses the movie with vibrant energy.


The film unfolds under the cover of night, a deliberate choice, as it is during this time that the stars grace the sky with their radiant presence. The nighttime setting serves as a symbol of the brilliant celestial canvas, teeming with glowing stars, underscoring the central themes and motifs of “Wish.” When Star works its magical wonders, the once-dark night sky transforms into a mesmerizing shade of yellow, courtesy of its enchanting wishing dust.

Valentino, brought to life by Alan Tudyk’s voice, is Asha’s faithful pet goat. Following an encounter with the magical dust, he undergoes a transformation, gaining the remarkable ability to express himself in coherent sentences. He also serves as a supporting companion through Asha’s quest.

All of the songs on the soundtrack related to wishing on stars, as the word “Wish” is seen in many song titles. King Magnifico is a hidden antagonist because he is the ruler of the Kingdom of Rosas due to granting lots of wishes, but in reality, he is a greedy man who only wants to gain power. Queen Amaya, a supporting character, is not afraid to share her opinions with King Magnifico, which symbolizes feminism.

The movie “Wish” is a combination of traditional watercolor and computer animation to make the animation style more exciting to viewers and to emphasize the characterization of all multiracial characters. Furthermore, the appearance of the Kingdom of Rosas resembles an oil painting background seen in other traditional animated movies.

Asha and Star have a magical time that is sure to delight viewers. This film consists of a blend of cultures.