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'Home Sweet Home Alone' (2021)

A boy named Max experiences adventure within his own house while staying home alone.

Home Sweet Home Alone

2.5 / 5
3.5 / 5

Home Sweet Home Alone is a 2021 family comedy film centered around a ten-year-old boy named Max. He accidentally gets left behind when his parents leave town for their vacation in Tokyo but must learn to defend himself and his home during a dangerous crime.

The central theme revolves around family. Max experiences anxiety due to the challenges of sharing a couch with two siblings. Moreover, his parents encounter holiday jitters when there is a change in their flight plans for their vacation spot in Tokyo.

Max steals a moment for himself by sneaking into the car to watch his favorite episode, seeking an escape from holiday stress. Unaware that his family is leaving, he falls asleep in the car. Upon waking up, he is surprised to discover his family has already left, and he finds himself with the entire house to himself. He enjoys every minute of his newfound free time, initially.


Max enjoying his alone time symbolizes every kid’s fantasy of doing whatever they want without any rules or parents. However, this fantasy doesn’t last very long. Max faces the reality of responsibility when he notices two thieves breaking into the house.

As mentioned in the title, Home Sweet Home Alone, Max learns the importance of survival. Left alone, he learns to take care of himself. Meanwhile, his family realizes Max has been left behind when he fails to board the plane.

Max may appear to be an average ten-year-old boy, but it turns out that he is actually smarter than what viewers initially perceive. He transforms into a genius, devising a plan to apprehend the supposed thieves in his unique way. The plot twist unfolds when it is revealed that the “thieves” are actually a couple moving into Max’s town. While Max confesses to being left alone and fears the consequences, the couple reassures him, asserting that his parents will be relieved to find him safe. Max, his family, and the new family make peace with each other and celebrate their new friendship.