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'Once Upon A Studio' (2023)

A short hybrid film featuring everyone's favorite Disney characters.

Once Upon a Studio (2023)

2.5 / 5
4 / 5

Once Upon A Studio is a 2023 short film released on Disney+.

The short film commences with an exterior shot of the Animation Studio. An intern excitedly narrates the special occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company and the Animation Studio. As the day draws to a close, and everyone has left, the camera angle shifts towards Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Mickey and Minnie playfully leap out of the photo frame and into the tangible world. This delightful moment draws allusions to Toy Story and other magical franchises, where in the absence of human characters, toys magically come to life and engage in conversation.

This short film is a unique hybrid, blurring the lines between our world and the animated realm. It marks the historic occasion of all the beloved characters gathering for a group photo to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary. The captivating optical illusion of characters leaping out of the photo frames draws parallels to Super Mario 64, where Mario and his companions effortlessly jump in and out of the walls and paintings within the castle.

This animated short film carries deep symbolism on several fronts. Firstly, it offers viewers a glimpse into how the characters embody the dedicated effort and artistry poured into the animated movies crafted by the Walt Disney Company, which ultimately led to their resounding success. The inclusion of comic relief characters injects humor and brings back familiar quirks, harkening to memorable moments from the animated films.

The success of the group photo is a powerful representation of the remarkable journey Disney has undertaken. It serves as a testament to Disney’s enduring legacy, which will continue to shape and inspire generations even today.