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Will Begins His Musical Journey in A Week Away

For a troubled teen, Will discovers what is important in life when he attends a summer camp: the people who care about his well being.

A Week Away (2021)

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For a troubled teen, Will discovers what is important in life when he attends a summer camp: the people who care about his well-being.

A Week Away is a 2021 Netflix jukebox musical teen drama film that explores the theme of opening your heart. Will Hawkins is the protagonist who attends a summer camp in order to stay out of juvenile hall. Though he is labeled as a troubled teenager, Will realizes that he is a good person at heart when he blends in with his surroundings.

This article will discuss the significance of opening your heart.

His Troubled Past

this image is of Will Hawkins at summer camp
Will Hawkins at the summer camp

Prior to the events in this film, Will Hawkins has lived a hard life. His parents are deceased, and he is labeled as a troubled teen. The opening scene where Will runs from the police because he stole a cop car shows viewers that his troubled past and his recent actions have put him into a dangerous situation: facing juvenile hall. His decision to attend a Christian summer camp shows viewers that he deserves a second chance to fix the mistakes he has made in his life so that he can become a better person.

The guitar case that Will is carrying while running from the police symbolizes his mementos of his past. On the guitar case is a photo of him with his deceased parents. The absence of Will’s parents indicate the emptiness he experiences within himself.

Falling In Love

Will finds Avery, the girl of his dreams. Avery helps him discover the meaning of life, which is being surrounded by people who care about you. In A Week Away, Will falls in love with Avery. A song titled “Place In This World” is a duet performed by Will (Kevin Quinn) and Avery (Bailee Madison) on a dock near the lake, as shown on the film’s cover title. They hold hands during sunset.

A Week Away shows viewers why opening your heart is important. As this film covers the topic of Christianity, viewers also learn why people need to have second chances. Viewers see there is diversity in this film. Some characters presented are African Americans, and this provides some level of diversity even though it’s only in a supporting way.

In the end, Will has become a better person and has found love.