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I'm Not 'Gnome Alone' in this Amazing Comedy

A family comedy that combines fantasy and normal school life.

Gnome Alone (2017)

3 / 5
4 / 5

A family comedy that combines fantasy and normal school life.

Gnome Alone is a family comedy film that centers around Chloe, who is the new girl in town trying to fit in with the school’s popular group and dealing with mischievous gnomes at the same time. This movie combines fantasy and school life into one story, bringing adventure to Chloe. Viewers see how Chloe interacts with magical talking creatures and unknowingly allows the Troggs in, a pack of rabid and hungry creatures who are the enemies of the gnomes.

In the opening scene of Gnome Alone, we see how Chloe has moved to a lot of places during her childhood, making her a loner without any friends. Chloe hopes that Catherine, her mother, will allow her to stay in Tenderville as their permanent residence so she can finally have real friends of her own. As Chloe explores her new house, she notices the gnome statues she describes as “little Santas” and finds a mystical green gem.

This image is of Chloe and Liam
Chloe and Liam

The gnome statues and the mystical green gem are foreshadowing elements in Gnome Alone. Chloe doesn’t know that the gnome statues come to life until she encounters the Troggs one night when she is alone in her new house. In addition, the mystical green gem serves as the keystone to separate the Troggs from the gnomes’ realm.

Chloe is given a choice: to become friends with the popular girls at her new school or save the gnomes’ world. Brittany, the popular girl, takes an interest in Chloe after discovering her new necklace with the mystical green gem. During the climax, Chloe breaks ties with the popular girls–the BTCs (Brittany, Tiffany, and Chelsea)–after learning what true friendship is; Chloe realizes Brittany only likes her because of the necklace after seeing Brittany’s true colors. She decides to restore her friendship with Liam and the gnomes’ realm.

There is only one representative of a minority in Gnome Alone. George Lopez, who voices Zook, is of Mexican descent. Josh Peck voices Liam, Chloe’s friend. Tara Strong voices Catherine, Chloe’s mother.