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'Uprooted' - A MiamisFF Review On Ukraine

'Uprooted' is a short film on what's happening in Ukraine as of today. This captures the emotions of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Uprooted is a short film that focuses on what’s currently happening in Ukraine. This MiamisFF short film is one of the best reviews I’ve written so far, because this short film is up to date on the current events happening outside of the United States.

I give this film a good score because the person who produced Uprooted shows viewers the strong emotions the Ukrainians are experiencing during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The production value is excellent because the viewers get a glimpse of what’s happening to the Ukrainians when Russia invaded their home country. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a current global event that everyone is talking about and is aware of.

This image is of children running away from the gun shots
Children running away from the gunshots

In addition, the person who created the short film Uprooted has created original, creative content with gloomy, suspense background music that matches the themes, motifs, and mood of the short film. The background music is played in the key of C minor. In one scene, viewers see how the children are trying to protect themselves by running away from the gunshots.

The opening tagline for Uprooted is “A film featuring Ukrainian refugees, made in support of all refugees.” The closing tagline is “To survive the memories of war, refugees need the support and embrace of us all.” Both taglines indicate to the viewers the importance of representative Ukrainian refugees in this short film, bringing strong representation of minorities. I would recommend this short film for viewing.

This project supports the message of protecting those suffering in Ukraine and being aware of what’s currently happening in the world. May the stars shine down on those folks.