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'Chang Can Dunk' (2023)

This sports drama movie is centered around an Asian American boy named Chang.

Chang Can Dunk (2023)

5 / 5
4 / 5

Chang Can Dunk is a 2023 coming-of-age sports movie that is centered around Bernard Chang, an Asian American teenager and basketball player. He is an unpopular sophomore student at his high school who has a strong passion for basketball.

Viewers see a strong representation of Asians in this movie, as the main character is Asian American. Bloom Li plays Chang, the title character. There are other Asian actors playing supporting roles. We also see a strong representation of Black actors, as Kristy is played by a Black actress.

Chang is distant from his mother Chen, as he feels Chen is unsupportive of his decisions. This includes going out with Kristy, the girl he likes, and following his passion for basketball. He has a rivalry with pro basketball player Matt, his former friend from elementary school. The main plot is about Chang making the high school basketball team despite his rivalry with Matt and the subplot is about his relationship with his mother Chen. The rivalry is further supported by racial differences; Matt is White and Chang is Asian American.

The scene changes from Matt making a slam dunk at a basketball game to a house party. Chang, like most teenagers, faces conflict with his friends, his mother, and his school rivals. There is one scene that mentions racism which is noticeable to viewers.

As hinted by the title, Chang Can Dunk, Chang wants to prove to other students that he can dunk in a game of basketball. He feels overshadowed by Matt, who is unsupportive of his motives and dreams. Chang’s rivalry with Matt consumes nearly everything from winning Kristy over to basketball. When Chang becomes popular, he ditches his friends for popularity. The conclusion shows that Chang can dunk and repair the broken bonds with his family and friends, including Matt.

This coming-of-age movie is recommended for sports fans.