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The Haunted Mansion (2023)

This Halloween movie is a remake of the 2003 movie of the same name with Black representation.

Haunted Mansion (2023)

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The Haunted Mansion is a 2023 live-action Halloween movie that has a plot similar to the 2003 movie of the same name and is based on the theme park attraction of the same name. This article will discuss elements of the film.

As hinted by the film’s title, Ben Matthias, the main protagonist, believes in the supernatural and searches famous haunted places for proof that ghosts exist, but becomes despondent when he finds no evidence. Gracey Manor is the name of the haunted mansion and is the main setting of the film, as the film’s main topics are ghosts and spirits of the dead. In fact, the ghosts symbolize the awakening of the dead souls.

The television report foreshadows what the main characters will face inside Gracey Manor as the film progresses. Viewers notice that during the day, there is nothing; at night, the events happen. The phantoms are represented by the light turquoise silhouettes. The entire quest takes place inside Gracey Manor.

The magic crystal ball

Travis is Gabbie’s son. His role as a supporting character shows viewers the sweet, innocent lives of young children and how they are affected by the dangers of the supernatural. He learns towards the end of Haunted Mansion that his father is dead, which explains why Gabbie is a single mother. Though Travis is the smallest member of the group, he can help the members on the quest.

Viewers see a strong representation of Black people, as there are Black actors playing the main and supporting roles. In addition, the town of New Orleans plays an important role in Black representation. However, this movie isn’t very scary or frightening, though it is labeled as a Halloween movie. Instead, Haunted Mansion is about discovering the ghosts of the people who died, as shown in many scenes of the film. Some viewers find some cliches found in other Halloween films.

Haunted Mansion comes with two soundtracks on Disney+: Swinging Wake and Enter If You Dare. Both soundtracks have a spooky, eerie feeling as if viewers are literally walking inside a mansion, namely Gracey Manor. The soundtrack goes for two hours, which gives viewers an opportunity to experience the horror in real life.