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A concert film with original recording of the most iconic event in pop culture in 2023.


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4.5 / 5

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is a major concert film that made pop culture history.

The opening starts with the clock counting down until the big clock hand strikes midnight, in reference to Taylor Swift’s recent album, Midnights. A white mist takes viewers on an incredible journey through time and space to the concert stadium. The title appears in gold letters. The concert is divided into ten acts, with transitions between each act.

Taylor Swift in concert

In an iconic scene, Taylor Swift gives her hat from the music video, “22,” to a Swiftie fan who is pre-selected from the audience at every show. In the film, the fan is Bianka Bryant, daughter of the late Kobe Bryant. The pre-selected Swifties sometimes give Taylor a handshake, a hug, or a souvenir bracelet, which Taylor accepts. She also talks briefly with a Swiftie fan before joining the chorus line near the end of the song. Bianka and Taylor share a tender moment before she returns to her performance.

Another iconic scene is some members of the audience having a wedding proposal during the last few lines of “Love Story”. During the key signature change, some members surprise their loved ones with an engagement ring in front of the crowd.

The final iconic scene is Taylor Swift’s ball gown for her song “Enchanted”. This outfit symbolizes the themes and topics of romance and first love, as emphasized by the lavender and purple colors, the soft guitar strums, and the romantic vibes.

Taylor Swift at the film premiere

The concert is a blend of country and pop, with songs from Taylor’s first studio album and her recent studio album, Midnights. Each act is labeled with a different color scheme that matches the colors of her studio albums. For each act, there is a story, told in song. The concert is three hours and fifteen minutes long, the longest concert tour of Swift’s music career. Midnights is the final act of The Eras Tour. Between transitions, Taylor Swift shares gratitude for her fans and her journey to the iconic country pop singer she is today.

The Eras Tour is a big hit, trending in pop culture. Taylor Swift makes her appearance at the film premiere, taking selfies with Swifties and giving autographs. She also delivers a speech about her success in The Eras Tour.

The concert film has near universal acclaim. Viewers describe the concert as the biggest event in pop culture and entertainment with merchandise for Swifties. Since Taylor Swift is the main topic of the concert film, viewers see a strong representation of women and feminism.