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Honey Girls Jam Their Hearts Out

A trio of girls form a band and enter a singing competition together after learning they work best as a team.

Honey Girls (2021)

3.5 / 5
3.5 / 5

Honey Girls (2021) is a musical movie that is centered around a trio of girls called the Honey Girls. Mega pop star, Fancy G, hosts a contest to find the next big solo artist. But our three contestants realize they are stronger as a musical trio and secretly form a band called Honey Girls. The mysterious group becomes a huge hit.

The beginning shows the girls’ auditions. Alex T. is from Houston, Texas; Brit C. is from Nashville, Tennessee; and Daniella G. is from Chicago. The names of the girls, their ages, and their hometowns are shown in pink handwritten subtitles at the bottom.

Fancy G is played by Ashanti, a woman of color. She is a mega pop star who has luxuries, such as a mansion with fancy furniture. From looking at the setting of Honey Girls, viewers can infer that the selection of the next solo artist is a big competition. The young ladies who are selected to go to Fancy G’s mansion in Los Angeles, California, are carrying their luggage cases and experiencing the luxuries of the pop star’s life. Fancy G’s mansion is very similar to a sorority house; only the selected girls get a chance to live the fun sorority lifestyle.

The theme of Honey Girls is auditioning for a big role, whether it is a part in the musical or a chance to perform a solo or group act. The young ladies are being tested on their singing and dancing abilities. The trio is struggling to write a song by themselves and realizes they are better as a team.

Overall, Honey Girls does offer viewers some representation of women of color.