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Disney's 'Noelle' Gives Us a Christmas Adventure

The movie is centered around the title character who goes on a Christmas adventure.

Noelle (2020)

3.5 / 5
4.5 / 5

The movie is centered around the title character who goes on a Christmas adventure.

Disney’s Noelle (2019) is a live-action comedy and fantasy movie that is centered around the title character and her brother Nick. For those who love the holidays, this film is about the title character (Anna Kendrick) going on a mission to bring back her brother Nick (Bill Hader) when he tries to do his duties as Santa Claus. This movie is considered a holiday classic, and we see a representation of women and African Americans, such as Alex (Maceo Smedley). This article will discuss holiday elements blended with the genre of adventure.

For one, we see how Noelle’s goal is to give her brother Nick some Christmas spirit so they can get ready for the holidays. There is a reference to 48 Christmas Wishes; in Noelle’s voiceovers, she explains to us how her father passed away years ago, but the family needs to maintain their holiday traditions in honor of their father. When she suggests to Nick that he takes the weekend off due to the stress of learning how to be Santa, Nick takes her advice seriously and takes a break from his duties. The people become upset over her actions, and she must fix her mistake in order to save Christmas.

Anna Kendrick cover image
Anna Kendrick as Noelle

The special effect of the sleigh flying with the reindeer is a crucial element in Disney’s Noelle. As with many Christmas movies, the reindeer flying with the sleigh highlights the adventure of the holidays.

Noelle shares many similarities with other iconic Christmas characters. She is currently living at The North Pole with the other elves and other Christmas figures, and her lifestyle revolves around the Christmas season. She has a naive, clueless personality when it comes to dealing with the real world. She also learns to fix her mistakes during her journey to find her brother.

Noelle meets Alex, a young boy who is dealing with his parent’s divorce. This reflects how the holidays can be stressful for kids who are dealing with divorce in their families. She discovers that she needs to make things right by thinking of people’s necessities, not just herself. Her reflections on what Christmas is all about show viewers that sometimes when you fix your mistakes, you feel better. Viewers also learn how to help others when they’re sad and lonely, and that giving is more important than getting. In the end, her voiceovers indicate what her family and friends got for Christmas that year thanks to her help.

Therefore, Disney’s Noelle is a family comedy that explains to viewers the moral values of the Christmas spirit. Sometimes traditions change, but it’s for the better.