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Experiencing a Wonderful Frozen Fever

We're making today a perfect day for you, and for everyone.

Frozen Fever (2015)

3.5 / 5
4 / 5

We’re making today a perfect day for you, and for everyone.

Frozen Fever is a short film that starts from where viewers left off after the 2013 film Frozen, which became a smashing success to young audiences. The short film centers around Anna’s bond with her sister Elsa and her 19th birthday, which is the first birthday celebration the sisters have spent together since the years when they spent most of their time apart. All of the actors from the first film reprise their respective roles, and Prince Hans makes a minor appearance. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee served as the directors, just like in the first film of the Frozen franchise.

This image consists of Elsa having a cold
Elsa has a cold

Throughout the short film, Elsa develops symptoms for a cold, hence the title of the film Frozen Fever. As she gives Anna surprise birthday presents, her symptoms become worse. Anna notices Elsa having a fever, but Elsa is too busy preparing for her sister’s birthday party that she doesn’t rest for a minute. After Elsa almost falls off of the clock tower, Anna pulls her back to safety and is convinced that Elsa has a cold.

The song “Making Today A Perfect Day” centers around the bond between Anna and Elsa. It ties in with the theme of sisterhood in Frozen Fever. The song is about making a birthday celebration—or any celebration—perfect and memorable, especially with best friends. The short film concludes with Anna taking care of Elsa while Elsa is in bed, which Anna describes as having the best birthday present she has ever gotten.

Hans makes a small appearance in Frozen Fever, where he is at The Southern Isles cleaning out the horse stables as a consequence for his attempt to kill both Anna and Elsa and take over the kingdom of Arendelle. Also, Elsa’s ice palace appears at the end of the short film, a reference to the song “Let It Go.”

Frozen Fever is one of the short films that continues the bonds of sisterhood and is praised for the song, “Making Today A Perfect Day.”