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Do Revenge (2022)

A dethroned queen bee at a posh private high school strikes a secret deal with an unassuming new student to enact revenge on one another’s enemies.
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Jeremy Lawrence
October 2, 2022
5 / 5
4.5 / 5

"Do Revenge" Bends Genres, Champions Authenticity, and Promotes Inclusivity

As Netflix scrambles to stay ahead of its much-documented decline, it is easy to dismiss the onetime streaming behemoth’s abundance of original productions as Hail Mary distress signals. They throw so much optimized content at the increasingly overwhelmed viewer that it is impossible to determine what will truly stick, what films will puncture the noise of algorithmic promotion and bring something new and timely to the screen. After death scrolling the pits of categorized and recommended films, it takes a certain blind faith to press “play” on one that may (or may not) be worth your time. Do Revenge does more than earn the viewer’s time, it rewards them. The film, directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and co-written by Robinson and Celeste Ballard, amalgamates the sociopolitical commentary of Election with the dark Hitchcockian twists and turns of Strangers on a Train and the timely quintessence of Mean Girls. Do Revenge recapitulates the essence of the teen dramas of the mid-to-late nineties through the progressive and inclusive lens of 2022 to update the genre and make a case for authenticity. Where standoffish-ness and exclusivity previously determined the in-group, inclusivity and alliances now reign supreme. Camila Mendes (reprising the archetypical role of the teenage “it” girl she portrays in Riverdale) stars as Drea, the alpha-female of her private school’s elite student body. She’s cutthroat and fabulous and the object of desire of every student who falls below her in the social pyramid. That is, until a sex tape, sent privately to her soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend, Max (Austin Abrams), is leaked during the summer between junior and senior year. After she punches Max in front of the student body, blaming him for the transgression, Drea finds herself in unfamiliar waters, suddenly deemed a social pariah; Max has been able to utilize his boundless social and monetary resources to recast himself as the victim, and win the sympathy of Rosehill High (the 1%’s choice private school in Miami) as well as the eccentric principal (
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Movie Information

A dethroned queen bee at a posh private high school strikes a secret deal with an unassuming new student to enact revenge on one another’s enemies.

Directed By:Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
Written By:Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, Celeste Ballard
In Theaters:9/14/2022
Box Office:

Runtime:118 minutes
Studio:Likely Story