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The 'Home Team' Will Win the Big Game

For football fans, this sports movie will show viewers the bonding between father and son as the son prepares for his big game.

Home Team (2022)

3.5 / 5
3 / 5

Home Team (2022) is a live-action sports film that centers around football. This sports movie is based on a true story and features representation of Black boys.

Sean Payton is suspended from the NFL when a news report about the New Orleans scandal gets leaked. However, he gets the opportunity to coach the middle school football team when their previous coach retires; the middle schoolers are excited to have a professional coach on their team, as their team is losing.

Sean Payton’s ex-coworker cuts off contact with him after hearing about the New Orleans scandal, as she doesn’t want to face trouble. Though Sean has no chance of returning to the NFL, he does make a difference in coaching the middle school football team, The Warriors. They score their first touchdown of the season just as their game ends.

As symbolized in the film’s title, Home Team, football is the main topic of the movie. In fact, the film’s title means helping the football team in one’s hometown become successful. Throughout the movie, Sean’s efforts in helping The Warriors win the big game show viewers the importance of reconnecting with one’s hometown. The scenes switch between Sean Payton and his son Connor. Viewers also learn how to use their knowledge to make a difference in the community.

Viewers see many clips of the Warriors’ football games against other schools, making Home Team a great movie for football fans. They also see the relationship between Sean and Connor. Sean uses his previous experience in professional coaching to help Connor and his team by creating sketches of playoffs and giving copies to the players for them to study.

Overall, Home Team is a great sports movie for football fans.