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The 'Bigfoot Family' is Back in Town

The sequel following The Son of Bigfoot explores Adam's conflict of discovering his true identity as he tries to save a wildlife preserve.

Bigfoot Family (2020)

3 / 5
4 / 5

Bigfoot Family (2020) is the sequel to the first movie The Son of Bigfoot. This sequel is based on the legendary myth of Bigfoot, a big hairy creature with big feet. Bigfoot, Adam’s father, wants to use his fame for a good cause. Protecting a large wildlife reserve in Alaska sounds like the perfect opportunity! When Bigfoot mysteriously disappears without a trace, Adam and his animal friends will brave anything to find him again and save the nature reserve.

This movie continues from the first movie; it combines legendary myth with a typical high school setting. Adam’s father had genetically mutated into the mythical creature of Bigfoot. Adam (Jules Medcraft) is the son of Bigfoot and has inherited all of the magical powers his father has except his hairy features. From the opening scene, viewers can tell that Adam is used to his bare feet as he has outgrown many shoes. He has been suspended from school for almost two months, making him a fish out of water. He also has a crush on Emma but is scared to share his true feelings with her. Adam is used to having forest animals as companions in his home; he has the ability to talk to animals.

Adam struggles with his fame because his father is Bigfoot. Now, kids at his school want autographs from him because of his newfound fame. He still wishes his father’s identity as Bigfoot was still a secret. He also struggles with his relationship with his father; he is annoyed that after all these years of being lost, his father wants to leave again.

Adam’s identity as half-human, half-Bigfoot is a great example of representing someone who is biracial. However, viewers see there is no clear representation of any minorities other than women. Adam struggles with his identity in the Bigfoot Family; he’s unsure if he will be able to resume his normal life.

Alaska is the main setting of Bigfoot Family, as the state is home to many wild critters. The climate in Alaska is tundra; half of the area is wilderness, and the other half is snowy lands. Bigfoot mysteriously disappears in the wild; this is similar to the legendary myth of Bigfoot in real life.

Environmental disaster is the main topic of the Bigfoot Family, as the wildlife preserve in Alaska is being destroyed by workers of an oil company. Bigfoot sees the environmental disaster as a way to promote a good cause. Adam and his wildlife animal friends work together to stop the oil company from destroying the wildlife preserve. Adam also learns that one person can make a difference.

Overall, Bigfoot Family has no representation of minorities other than women. However, Adam’s identity does represent someone who is biracial.