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Pets United To Save Robo City Against Chaos

A thief and street dog named Roger has to work with other pets to take down the evil Mayor Frank Stone when he plans to destroy Robo City.

Pets United (2019)

2.5 / 5
3.5 / 5

Pets United is a 2020 animated movie taking place in Robo City, a city where humans, pets, and robots coexist.

The movie opens up with Roger breaking the fourth wall by talking to the viewers about Robo City and his background. He describes Robo City as a city where robots, humans, and pets live together as different species. The camera shows a first-person point of view from Roger himself as he tries to dodge the cars on the street, then shifts over to his physical appearance.

The plot is similar to The Bad Guys, as the movie Pets United focuses on the main protagonist, Roger, a stray dog, who turns from villain to hero. Roger has the characteristics of the average street dog: he lives alone without any owners. He also steals food at night for his meals and avoids the robot cops.


From looking at the movie’s title, Pets United, viewers can infer that the main characters are pet animals, making this movie popular among animal lovers. The pets of Robo City are going to team up to take down the mayor who plans to destroy Robo City. Mayor Frank Stone is the main antagonist; despite his title as mayor, he has his own technological lair with a robot army.

Roger’s character arc is the main topic of Pets United. Viewers see how his character changes over time. In the beginning, he hates cats and dislikes Belle because she is a polished pet cat, but he and Belle eventually learn to get along. Their relationship symbolizes cats and dogs as different species learning to coexist peacefully.

When Mayor Frank Stone’s drones take over Robo City, the other pets are left as strays. Roger uses his experience as a stray dog to help the other pets; this is shown through flashback scenes when Roger had an owner, but eventually became lost on the street after getting loose.

Despite being popular among animal lovers, Pets United does not have diverse representation in its voice actors. Most of the prominent voice actors are white men. This is a bit frustrating, but the movie overall is a good family movie that viewers of all ages can enjoy.