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'Neon Gravity | Metaverse 7' - MiamisFF Review

Neon Gravity is an assassin who realizes that her target, as well as her current reality, are not what they seem. This short film is a futuristic story that takes place in Downtown Miami.

Andrew Joseph Tanner
Andrew Joseph Tanner
September 30, 2022

Rule of cool is the order of the day.

Night cityscape with Neon light and Futuristic digital

This is a ridiculous, over-the-top love letter to femme fatale sci-fi tropes. It works if you want it to, and does not work if you need social commentary and exploration of the human condition.

Story-wise, I am in the latter group. A sexy vixen in an improbably skin-tight catsuit, with more cutouts than a lingerie set, clicks her heels through an assassin plot where the twist is that she is the imposter. There is a huge explosion from droid missiles. The second twist is that the first scene was a Virtual Reality (VR) simulator, but (3rd twist) the maniacal plan to kill humanity through asphyxiation somehow comes true. The story is a standard B-movie affair.

But the story is not the point.

The real star is the cool, glitchy, futuristic sci-fi cinematography. Everything is shiny, sexy, and moving at near-light speed. The neon colors are like strobe lights in a space saloon. The barebones story is supported by a great science fiction atmosphere. I found myself wondering how fun a VR game version of the story would be. If I could pull off a sexy, cutout spy guy outfit that teased the viewer as I exaggeratedly got into my car with butterfly doors. That's the point of Neon Gravity | Metaverse 7. The graphics look expensive and professional, even if I thought I was watching a game cutscene more than a short film.

It is wish fulfillment for certain science fiction fans.

'Neon Gravity | Metaverse 7' - MiamisFF Review