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'Love in Taipei'

This romance movie has strong representation of Taiwanese people.

Love in Taipei (2023)

5 / 5
4 / 5

Love in Taipei is a Paramount+ original movie that is centered around a girl who travels to Taipei. This movie is a coming-of-age movie, as it revolves around the topic of romance. This article will discuss elements of this film.

For one, viewers see a strong representation of Asian women, as Ashley Liao is an Asian actress playing the main role of Ever Wong. Chelsea Zhang plays Sophie Ha, Ever’s best friend. There are other Asian actors playing supporting roles. Arvin Chen is also an Asian director.

The film’s title gives viewers an important clue about the film’s setting. The majority of the movie takes place in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, as hinted in the title. Taiwan is a country found in East Asia. Furthermore, there are many aspects of Taiwanese culture shown in many scenes of the film.

Ever Wong

Ever Wong embarks on a Taipei adventure through a cultural program, a pivotal chapter in her quest for self-discovery beyond her comfort zone. Romance takes center stage in this young adult film, weaving a captivating tale as Ever becomes entangled in a love triangle with two intriguing boys, Xavier and Rick. The bustling streets of Taipei serve as the backdrop for Ever’s journey, mirroring the twists and turns of her heart in this coming-of-age narrative.

Ever is taken aback to realize that her summer plans involve more than just homework and history lessons; she’s inadvertently enrolled in the local free-for-all known as “Loveboat.” Intriguingly, the movie’s title, “Love in Taipei,” serves as a harbinger of the challenges Ever Wong encounters, all intertwined with matters of the heart.

A particular scene unfolds as Ever remains unimpressed by Rick’s made-up story, crafted to impress his complicated family. This instance illuminates the idea that a lie can snowball into something massive, and also propels the plot forward.

Taiwanese societal norms take center stage, vividly illustrated through Rick’s complicated family relationships and responsibilities as a Taiwanese citizen. Likewise, Xavier opens up to a disheartened Ever Wong, revealing how his father distances himself due to Xavier’s divergence from his father’s societal expectations. The overarching theme pivots around pursuing personal aspirations and establishing individual goals, urging individuals to carve their unique path rather than adhering strictly to the footsteps laid by their parents.

The cultural program’s intended finale, a festival, faced an unfortunate cancellation due to an impending typhoon. Undeterred, Ever Wong took matters into her own hands, leveraging her dance skills and embracing Taiwanese culture to spearhead an impromptu festival. This initiative not only aided fellow students but also brought solace to her aunt.

In the epilogue, we witness the transformation in Ever Wong’s perspective as she learns the importance of prioritizing her own needs. This poignant conclusion highlights her growth and newfound understanding of self-care amid the challenges and cultural exploration that defined her journey.