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'Let It Snow': An Ironic Title to this Teen Comedy

One Christmas Eve, after a sudden snowstorm, a group of teenagers will discover how their lives will change forever.

Let It Snow (2019)

4.5 / 5
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One Christmas Eve, after a sudden snowstorm, a group of teenagers will discover how their lives will change forever.

Let It Snow (2019) is a PG-13 live-action holiday movie that takes place in Illinois. This movie features a strong representation of LGBTQ+, as some scenes have same-sex couples in this romantic holiday comedy. The film is based on the young adult novel of the same name, and many elements in the movie are based on the elements of the novel.

Like most teen comedies, the main characters find themselves in a tangle of romances and love triangles. There is the typical teen drama; the teen drama indicates to viewers that even the holiday season can be stressful for some adolescents. Some situations that can be stressful for teenagers during the holiday season include sick family members and worries about college acceptance. The college acceptance Julie receives from Columbia University reveals to the viewers that the main characters in this movie are high school seniors. It is not unusual for high school seniors to freak out over college acceptance during the holiday season.

two high school seniors cover image
Two high school seniors

Some scenes that make this movie PG-13 include moments of half-nakedness, same-sex couples kissing, cheating on somebody, and teen partying. Teen partying is a common element found in holiday movies that are centered around high school students. Therefore, this movie is not recommended for younger audiences due to elements that some viewers may find disturbing.

The title of this holiday comedy Let It Snow indicates to the viewers that a sudden snowstorm is on the way. Ironically, the movie title and the novel title are based on the classic song title of the same name; the falling snow indicates to the viewers that there is winter weather. There is an important quote that viewers easily detect in this movie: “when life offers you something special, you take it”. This quote is inspiring because viewers learn to accept an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime; we don’t see opportunities like this every day.

Overall, this adaptation of Let It Snow is recommended only for older audiences due to topics that are appropriate for teens and young adults. Viewers should not be fooled by the movie’s title, as there are moments in the movie that are not suitable for young kids.