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Laugh Out Loud with The Loud House Movie

The Loud House movie follows Lincoln Loud and his 10 sisters taking a family vacation to see their ancestors in Scotland.

The Loud House Movie (2021)

4 / 5
4 / 5

The Loud House Movie follows Lincoln Loud and his 10 sisters taking a family vacation to see their ancestors in Scotland.

The Loud House Movie is based on the Nickelodeon cartoon series The Loud House. The Loud House revolves around a family that has 11 children: one boy named Lincoln Loud and his 10 sisters. This article will discuss an analysis of the 2021 feature film.

The main plot of The Loud House Movie is the Loud family travel to Scotland after Lisa Loud discovers where their ancestors are from. This plot is relevant to the main series as well as The Loud House franchise because Lincoln’s close friends, Ronnie Anne Santiago and Clyde, have traveled to their own relatives’ home countries. Ronnie Anne’s family is from Mexico and Clyde’s family is from France. The Loud family discovers that after suffering from their chaotic everyday life in Royal Woods, they need a vacation.

This image shows a photo of the entrie Loud House main characters
Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters

The scene where the Loud family does their best to arrive in Scotland references how life is hard when one person lives and grows up with a very large family. Lincoln’s mom is unsure about how the family is able to afford plane tickets for all 13 Loud family members, which shows to the viewers that traveling with people in a large group can sometimes lead to chaos. The cost of the plane tickets for a large group of travelers is one main factor that hinders enjoying a stress-free lifestyle in a large family.

Lincoln Loud is considered the “man with a plan” when it comes to solving problems with his family. One way he is able to get creative with traveling to Scotland with his family, for example, is when the family members parachute themselves into France. This strategy shows off his creativity and genius in problem solving. Of course, not all plans go exactly as they expected, so Lincoln tells the audience to always have a backup plan just in case.

Lincoln shares how hard it is for him to live with 10 sisters in the form of a song that he performs for the viewers. He feels left out when he realizes he is the Loud family’s only son; this is shown in a scene where the Loud sisters get together with their trophies and he is literally pushed out of the photo. He wishes that everyone would see him as special. Clyde, his friend, inadvertently gives him the idea for him to take a family vacation.

This image is a portrait of the Loud family's ancestors
A family portrait of the Loud family’s ancestors.

The interior of the Loud family’s ancestors’ home is in the style of a castle, which symbolizes how wealthy the Loud family’s ancestors were. The castle building where the Loud family kids stay represents the privileges of being wealthy: namely, having your own bedroom and bathroom complete with big, separate bathtubs and massive walk-in closets, elegant chandeliers in the dining room, and even a kitchen patio.

Fans of Nickelodeon animation are going to laugh their pants off after watching this animated movie; the movie has memorable “Loud” jokes, songs to sing out loud to, and crazy adventures featuring your favorite Loud House characters.