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How Prince Charming Marries a Princess

Produced by Vanguard Animation and released on Netflix, this animated fairytale movie has a lot of ironies as the story is told by the prince himself.

Charming (2018)

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Charming (2021) is an animated Netflix movie that is about the one and only Prince Charming voiced by Wilmer Valderrama. He himself has to marry a princess on the eve of his twenty-first birthday. However, on the sunset of his twenty-first birthday, he must find true love’s kiss or else love will disappear from his kingdom forever. This article will discuss the comparison of elements in this animated movie and the Disney Princess movie franchise.

For one, the title of this animated movie, Charming, plays a comical role in the title character. Prince Charming is based on the personalities of princes shown in the Disney Princess movies created by Walt Disney Studios. Compared to the Disney Princess movies, Charming refers to the story of the young prince himself. Three fairy tale princesses–Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella–find themselves engaged to the same guy since he has the looks and the charms. Lenore (Demi Lovato) is not like the other girls in the kingdom; she is a thief. Charming shares a lot of characteristics of the average prince; he steals the hearts of many young ladies only to dump them the next day. These characteristics serve as the base of the film’s storyline. Overtime, the prince will learn what love means to him.

The newspaper article titled “Scandal” in De Olde Tribune is a realistic element found in a fantasy comedy animated movie. This shows a connection between fantasy and realism, as the kingdom’s citizens are informed of current events by reading newspapers. Other elements of fantasy include curses, black magic, fairy godmothers, and a king. Nemeny (Nia Vardalos) is the main antagonist of Charming as she places curses on all areas of the kingdom.

the princesses cover image
The Princesses voiced by Ashley Tisdale (Cinderella), Avril Lavigne (Snow White), and G.E.M (Sleeping Beauty)

There is a lot of irony in this animated fairytale movie. Compared to the princesses in the Disney Princess movies, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella are considered minor antagonists where they are portrayed as dumbfounded rather than heroines. Lenore, the thief, is the main protagonist playing alongside the handsome prince; she shows the young prince what love really is, and the young prince feels the love for the first time. Little does Charming know that his ability to make women fall in love with him is actually a curse. The ironies in this animated fairytale show viewers the reversed roles of the characters.

This animated fairytale is produced by Vanguard Animation, not Walt Disney Animation Studios. As this fairytale is released on Netflix, there is a lot of reversal in how the storyline unfolds. In addition, Wilmer Valderrama, the actor who voices Charming, is of Latino descent. The other cast members are mostly white women.

Therefore, viewers will be amazed to watch this animated fairytale; they will learn how this film is different from the other movies in the Disney Princess franchise.