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'Don't Lose Your Head' - MiamisFF Review

'Don't Lose Your Head' follows the motto of "grades aren't everything."

Don’t Lose Your Head is a short film created and released in the United States. The tagline is grades aren’t everything.

This film is too short and lacks originality. No one can understand the motives behind this short film. There is no creative direction behind it, as I say it is too short to be credited. I mean seriously? Who can explain the themes of this short film in this MiamisFF review? No one.

Everything in this movie is too poor. The writing is too simple, the direction is unclear, the pacing is uneven, the structure is unstructured, and the cinematography does not match the overall themes of this short film. Furthermore, we see that there are no cluvies in this short film, making this film a dud.

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My rating

In order for this short film to count, the person who made this film must keep all of these elements in mind. Everything counts for a short film to be excellent, including the script. The tagline is that grades aren’t everything, but who can understand why? No one seems to know.

Whoever created this movie I would consider to be very careless. Seriously, this person needs to clean up his act. I mean, I can’t even give this person a reasonable score since I don’t have enough information for this short film.

I give this short film a very low score. I really, really do. This person needs to learn his lesson on how to convey his message to the audience better. One thing I would do is to seek advice from an expert on film.