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A Lunar Colony and Its 'Crater'

A science fiction movie brings a strong diverse cast and adventure in outer space.

Crater (2023)

5 / 5
3.5 / 5

Crater is a 2023 Disney movie centered around a boy growing up in a lunar mining colony who takes a trip to explore a legendary crater. He tags along with his four best friends in his quest.

This science fiction movie features a strong multiracial cast. Caleb Channing, the main character, is played by Isaiah Russell-Bailey. Hero Hunter plays Young Caleb, the main character’s younger self. Michael and Marcus are supporting roles played by Kid Cudi and Thomas Boyce, respectively. Orson Hong plays the supporting role of Borney.

Crater takes place in outer space, near Earth’s moon. The time period is 2257, so there are a lot of futuristic elements. There are scientific terms related to Earth and space in the dialogue. There are flashbacks of a young Caleb with his father; his father tells stories about going on a long journey to the Moon. These flashbacks are catalysts that drive the plot forward. The map is the last connection Caleb has with his father. As the kids drive on the Rover, Caleb hears his father’s voice speaking words of wisdom.

Kids in outer space

Caleb is encouraged to follow in his father’s footsteps. His friends Borney, Addison, Marcus, and Dylan tag along. However, like most kids their age, the friends experience conflict and friendship troubles.

Caleb and his friends talk about their relationships with their parents. Caleb reveals that his father died before the events of Crater, Addison is struggling with her parent’s divorce, and Dylan feels abandoned by his father. The movie’s title, Crater, is mentioned several times by the kids in the film and references the mystery of the craters on the Moon. Viewers are curious to learn what is in the Moon’s crater. There is also lighthearted fun; one exciting moment sees the kids experiencing zero gravity while on the Moon.

The epilogue of the movie reflects the adventures the kids went on while in outer space. Viewers also learn how the kids’ lives changed over the years. They also see how important it is to reflect on life and the people you spend time with.

This movie is recommended for fans of science fiction movies and is also an exciting adventure for young viewers.