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A Family Celebrates 'Christmas on Mistletoe Farm'

For one widowed father and his five kids, an extraordinary gift will change their lives forever.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm (2022)

3 / 5
4 / 5

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm (2022) is a family comedy that is centered around a widowed father (Scott Garnham) who makes a bumpy adjustment to village life when he inherits a farm as his present, while his kids hatch a plan to stay there forever. This film is great for kids and families, as the main characters are one single parent and five young kids.

As described by the movie title, the main setting takes place on a farm the dad and kids inherit as a holiday present. The house and the farm have a lot of space, big enough for five kids. The kids are amazed to see many farm animals such as sheep, chickens, and a goat. The kids are siblings, all friends with each other. The kids miss their deceased mother; this is shown in the photo of their mother from the family’s old house. Christmas on Mistletoe Farm literally describes the film’s setting. The village near the farm gives viewers the old country lifestyle, as the town is rural with a very tiny population, compared to the family’s old town.

one father and five kids cover image
One father and five kids

The father wants all of his kids to be happy, but he is stressed from his job in an office building. He is used to his old life working in an office and has to struggle with adapting to a new environment. He tries to hide his true feelings and thoughts from his kids, afraid that he might disappoint them. When the kids get the opportunity to save the farm they inherited, the father reluctantly agrees. Over the course of the movie, the father gets calls from his office while he is on the farm, which viewers see as a big burden to him. His boss becomes more irritated and suspicious during one phone call when she hears voices in the background. The breaking point is when the father gets fired from his office job, causing him to “lose it” and force the previous owner of the farm to leave.

One of the themes discussed in this family movie is the importance of community. The themes of community and the holidays come together smoothly. There is a small-town discussion about the father who cuts down the Christmas tree and donates the tree to the village as a holiday tradition. This is what they call the community spirit. The community spirit is where everyone in the town–the adults, kids, and pet animals–come together to support their neighbors.

In the end, during the community event in the village, the father learns the true meaning of community spirit: to bring people together to celebrate. He also reconciles with his kids.

We see girl empowerment in Christmas on Mistletoe Farm, as some of the kids are girls. In addition, viewers see many actresses in major roles. Overall, this movie is highly recommended for people to learn the importance of community.