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A Cowgirl's Song Brings Love and Joy to All

A young girl named Hailey Mays sings a country song that is named after the film's title.

A Cowgirl's Song (2022)

3 / 5
4.5 / 5

A Cowgirl’s Song is a 2022 family movie featuring country music.

Hailey Mays (Savannah May) is the main protagonist of A Cowgirl’s Song, along with her younger sister Brooke Mays (Darci Lynne Farmer). She is a singer who plays country music on her guitar. Country music is a genre of music that fits the setting, topics, and themes of A Cowgirl’s Song, as the setting takes place in a rural environment.

The events before the opening scene show Hailey and Brooke’s family’s hard life. Hailey and Brooke believe their father is wrongly accused and try to raise enough money for his bail out of prison. Their grandmother is devastated after her husband’s death. The family’s hard life serves as the film’s catalyst.

Hailey on stage

Hailey mentions the film’s title, A Cowgirl’s Song, through her song that is based on the movie’s title. Though singing is her passion, she struggles with stage fright. Her character arc is about overcoming stage fright; viewers see the camera close up on her face when she has stage fright. Brooke, her sister, and also a best friend, helps her overcome stage fright.

Amberley Snyder makes a brief speaking appearance in A Cowgirl’s Song at the indoor riding arena scene. She talks to Hailey and Brooke while sitting in her wheelchair, then rides her horse in the indoor arena. Brooke is amazed to see her race despite her physical disability. Amberley Snyder also makes a cameo appearance in the conclusion when Brooke is seen racing on her horse. You can learn more about Amberley Snyder’s success here.

Hailey learns that she can overcome her stage fright when she discovers through her grandmother that she doesn’t have to do the performance alone. Her grandmother, as well as a professional country singer who is friends with the grandmother, both join her on the stage when she sings A Cowgirl’s Song. They perform a duet at the benefit concert, which turns out successful. The epilogue shows Hailey May singing the song on the radio.

Though A Cowgirl’s Song has become popular among country music fans, viewers won’t find a strong representation of any minorities other than women.